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The Chicken and The Egg

Posted June 23rd, 2021   By JWAdmin

By Jessica Williams

Sales and Marketing have historically run independently with varying degrees of cross over. But the debate over which ‘comes first’ in business is as timeless as the Chicken and the Egg argument. Undoubtedly one of the most controversial subjects in these two sectors and one we have embraced since our inception.

So, let’s break this down…

  • Which comes first?
  • Can one function without the other?
  • Which should you first invest in and who should you hire first?

With c5.94 million SMEs* in the UK according to the Federation of Small Business statistics for 2020, employing over 16.8 million individuals and accounting for 3/5 of all employment – it is time to consider this age-old dilemma from their perspective. In the current climate and with limited resources and budgets – which one comes first? Both roles are crucial to achieve the businesses objectives of growth, so who should you pick in the line up?

Well here comes the controversial part – and dependent on whether it be a Sales Professional or a Marketer you speak to, will of course depend on the response. You will most likely be expecting me to say Sales. However, I would indeed always and without doubt hire a marketer every time before taking on a sales professional if I had to choose between them.

We as, salespeople (whether we like to admit it or not!), are dependent on our friends in the marketing team, for how can we fully utilise the organisation’s brand profile; and what if they haven’t got one in the first place? It is far harder for me to connect, promote and facilitate introductions for an unrecognised organisation, new to market or a start up. Marketing is the first step of the overall process and an essential one at that. Sales professionals, in my experience, are far less successful when working in silo. So, when designing and developing a sales and marketing process, it is essential you take an integrated approach.

From designing the client profiles to developing early or introductory campaigns, social presence, membership profile and a prospect database; Sales and Marketing should always work hand in hand. They are of course two separate functions with a different skill set although often with similar deliverables for the client or business. Measuring the success of these two functions collectively and in line with the overall ambitions of the organisation is an area to consider to create a more harmonious blend. Initially though, take the cost savings and develop a strategy before hiring either and then ensure you hire at the right level to execute your objectives.

Just Williams, now 6 years old, started life as a sales company. Working with our clients and through extensive research and feedback, we rebranded to a Sales and Marketing organisation in 2020 to combine these two essential functions under one roof. This created the cohesive approach that is perfect for many SMEs looking to embark on a sales and marketing journey in a cost effective, efficient and productive way.

So, if you’re looking to venture into new markets, increase your brand profile and essentially win work – its marketing first and foremost (unless you sign up to our Hybrid solution!).

FSB SME Definition 0-49 employees https://urlshortner.org/DUzGy

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