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Teesworks Skills Academy


Just Williams are absolutely brilliant - they just get what is needed, working to timelines to ensure positive outcomes and provide above-and-beyond solutions to our business requirements.

Working with Just Williams and their Marketing solution has given us a quick and professional provision to emphasise the work of the Academy, the successes and opportunities across the region by working with us as a provider. Their team engage and relate extremely well with all stakeholders and have created a great showcase for the Academy going forward.

It 100% it makes more sense having a specialist resource to call upon as and when you need it rather than having large annual overheads and that is what Just Williams provides.

Graeme Wood | Manager |Teesworks Skills Academy

Mercury3 Consult


Mercury3 Consult provide People Driven Project Solutions and in 2021 opened our office in Middlesbrough with a local team with UK and world-wide experience and technical expertise.

As with any business operating in a new geographical market we were keen to supplement our existing knowledge of the market place with the detailed understanding of an organisation that exists to bring businesses together and provide expert sales advice. Having looked at the market Just Williams impressed us with their knowledge, their professionalism and flexibility.

Our relationship with Just Williams has supported the creation of many ongoing relationships for us, and were one of the reasons we joined NEPIC. They have supported us with the visibility of who Mercury3 Consult are, what we do and most importantly how we do it.

This has included considerably increasing our presence on social media and our targeted attendance at events. This work has been underpinned by Just Williams attaining a deep understanding of our business and how we are looking to support sustainable growth across the Tees Valley and wider North Easy region.

In terms of market knowledge, stakeholder contacts and linking business together they have been a great addition to what we offer.

Phil Crow | Regional Director | Mercury3 Consult

Lynas Engineers

Project Brief

Lynas Engineers decided to work with Just Williams after meeting the Managing Director, Jessica Williams, who presented us the benefits of engaging them. At the time we were struggling finding clients, relying on being awarded a work to keep going. We did win, fortunately, but this experience made us realise we need to bring someone to help us with sales, since this is a skill we don’t have inhouse. Just Williams provided us with great support, the key aspects being the brand awareness and networking. They got us through the door, obtaining new contacts such as: Sercon, Hartlepool Council and Logic Architecture and reconnecting us with former clients.

"Just Williams provides us with great support in finding new business, particularly with brand awareness and networking. The team have sourced many opportunities and helped us to secure several new contracts including Sercon, Hartlepool Council and Logic Architecture"

Rob Lynas | Lynas Engineers

Hartlepool College FE

"It Just Ticked All The Boxes"
Darren Hankey, Principal of Hartlepool College of Further Education, is well-versed in outsourced Sales; but it wasn’t until working with Just Williams that he realised the full potential of what can be truly be achieved.
After a previous experience of outsourcing, the College was reluctant to follow the same approach – the classic ‘call centre’ style saying; “that model didn’t fit [for us], it has its place but it didn’t bring us leads. But after meeting Jessica and the team - the lightbulb moment went off”. By tailoring an opportunity to the specific needs of the College and its learners, Just Williams mapped a way to supporting Darren’s aims and securing success.

Working on a 12 month contract, Just Williams worked with Darren and his team to identify key sector areas that would benefit from the exemplary apprenticeship opportunities the College can offer business and young people and set to work. With a focus on Construction and Engineering (specifically with Fabrication and Welding opportunities) the Just Williams team quickly helped develop key relationships, facilitate significant introductions, and importantly – helped Hartlepool College gain meaningful opportunities for their learners.
Hartlepool College saw a shift in demand in recent years after a decline in upstream Oil and Gas sector work for which many of their students trained; and so they responded to an ever-growing demand for Construction and Infrastructure needs in the Tees Valley. With the many growing opportunities in these areas, such as TeesWorks, developments at Middlesbrough and Darlington Train Stations and many more, Hartlepool College have been highly adaptable in a changing climate to help train local people to develop a strong local supply chain and working in partnership with regional businesses including Seymour Civil Engineering to develop the Seymour Skills Academy.

On working with Just Williams Darren said; “It’s been really, really successful; it gets us the handshakes with the right people which is what we wanted … and with the honest and open communication style we have been really impressed with Just Williams. So much so, other schools in the college have asked ‘can we have a piece of that’ too!”. When asked would he and College recommend Just Williams, the answer was a resounding “yes, and have done, without a shadow of a doubt”.

Hartlepool College of Further Education has renewed their contract for a further 12 months using the new Hybrid solution to support the College’s marketing arm also. Just Williams have been privileged to work with the staff and the College as a whole, helping shape pathways for inspirational learners across the region and look forward to another successful term.

Darren Hankey | Hartlepool College FE


Developing new contacts in a visual way…

Animmersion approached Just Williams with ambitious plans to expand their client profile and raise the awareness of their already established brand.

Helping businesses to bring their products and services to life using informative and engaging animations, the client’s main objective was to diversify their portfolio of clients, they had a strong presence in the Oil and Gas sector but had ambitious plans to move in to the Automotive sector.

Animating their way to achievement…

Animmersion started off on a business consultancy rate and from this, a strong sales strategy was designed to diversify the clients offering into new markets.

A prospect list to target specific clients within the Automotive sector was developed. A CRM system was implemented to manage prospective client data and record client interactions, in a transparent and comprehensible way.

Just Williams ensured Animmersion joined a variety of membership organisations including the North East Automotive Alliance (NEAA) to ensure local brand representation and to actively raise the brand profile. National exhibitions were also identified to ensure a wider brand presence and to facilitate introductions amongst a larger audience.


Just Williams have delivered a strong return on investment for Animmersion with a number of contracts totalling a six figure sum. Just Williams also obtained two major projects for Animmersion including global, Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry, UniPres who are based in Sunderland.

JMAC Safety Systems

Project Brief

JMac Safety Systems are returning clients of Just Williams, but when this local company needed something a little bit special, Jessica and the team stepped up to the plate.

After being established for five years, the team at JMac had identified a need for sales support and had previously worked with Just Williams on an outsourced basis. Building on this groundwork, Managing Director Luis McCarthy and Sales and Hire Manager, Arron Foley; called upon the team for a bespoke 3-month project to help review their existing Sales and Marketing strategies and design a robust framework to move forward with.
Arron said, “We were bringing in a Sales team so wanted Just Williams to help with the sales process and strategy. Jessica came up with clear and concise plan on how to move forward, to work to timelines and to get everyone involved in that process”.

The bespoke 3-month project saw JMac staff work closely with Jessica in order to clarify aims, share knowledge and skills and help establish clear communication between Sales and Marketing within the organisation. Head of Marketing Reece Martini said; “I joined JMac in August and had written a Marketing Plan, then working with Jessica on the Sales strategy meant it then worked together and had great synergy … it really helped streamline the activity”.

JMac Safety Systems is expanding, and with strong connections to the local community it supports a strong local supply chain by manufacturing its products locally and sourcing great staff too. Working on this 3-month project has helped safeguard its future sales function to continue supporting the Tees Valley and beyond.
Reece said, “Jessica went above and beyond and supported us all the way through”.

Just Williams can offer bespoke solutions to your sales and marketing queries to help make your business stronger and more robust in a way that works for you.

Johnson Procurement Solutions Ltd

"As another outsourced company, Just Williams appreciates our business model and understands what we can achieve for SME businesses. The team at Just Williams have been a great support to our business"

Steve Johnson | Johnson Procurement Solutions

Prismatic Thinking

Sales Outsourcing

“Having worked with Jessica through her time at the Entrepreneurs’ Forum, we were keen to engage with her through her new Sales Outsourcing company Just Williams. It was evident that there was synergy between her ability to drive the brand awareness, sales and business development and what we were trying to achieve. Launching a new product into the market at a time of intense competition was challenging and crucial to get right. Jessica’s ability to open doors and provide both sales support and a consultancy based approach to engage the team and deliver this on our behalf was a natural and perfect fit.

She continues to support the Sales Team in their role through training and is a great addition to the team. Working with Jessica has been a straightforward process and she has facilitated some key introductions to the business. Her drive and determination to ensure we are aware of all sales and marketing literature, events and local business news is priceless and I would happily recommend her on this basis alone”

Tony Slimmings – Managing Director

Digital City Business

Sales Outsourcing

“Jessica started with DCB as we were coming to the end of an ERDF project in order to assist in the closure. We needed someone that could deliver purely from a brief as it was an extremely busy time for the team – Jessica delivered exceptionally in this respect, exceeding all objectives. Jessica’s determination and drive is infectious, and her professional approach to business was apparent from day one. She quickly built up a rapport with everyone in the DCB team as well as a great deal of our membership-base, supporting the team over and above what was asked of her. We look forward to working with Jessica again in the future.”

Daniel Watson – Head of Digital City Business

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