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Creating a Successful Sales Process (webinar)



If you have all the right sales skills – they are wasted if your process is wrong! Creating a successful sales process is the cornerstone to making sure your clients buy from you and keep coming back.

Our webinar will equip delegates with all the essential skills and strategy to secure a logical and resiliant sales process.

One of the biggest mistakes many businesses make is the assumption that ‘everyone’ is a potential client, or that their product or service has true universal appeal. By believing this, many businesses fail to get off the ground or grow beyond a certain point. Creating an effective pipeline is key to identifying the most successful ways to grow.

Key elements that will be addressed on this webinar include how to properly identify and fully profile your ideal client. Stop wasting time reaching out to companies or customers that yield lower results; learn how best to focus on the right prospects for you. We will also be discussing how to develop these prospects into viable clients, and crucially – the importance of a well-maintained CRM system.

For more information please contact emma@justwilliamsltd.co.uk or book your space today.

Cost: £25 (+VAT). Please contact us for dates.

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