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Going For Growth

Programme Overview

An outsourced solution for SMEs looking to grow.

Our specialist team will work with you to build a  12-month plan aimed at growing your business, improving engagement in new markets or strengthening your pipeline for future expansion. Whatever your business development or growth plans, Just Williams can support your ambitions.

Our Going for Growth solution focuses solely on the ‘sales’ or business development elements of your ambitions. Every contract is slightly different, meaning we have lots of flexibility to meet your specific needs and we have extensive experience in working across multiple sectors too.

Knowing where you want to go is the first step, getting there is where we come in… Following an in depth induction, a typical Going for Growth journey could include:


  • Client Profile Development – driving focus to your biggest, or priority ambitions and ensuring there are suitable parameters in place for success.
  • Prospect Identification – working with your teams and your Client Profiles, we will source and introduce you to prospects within your Profiles.
  • CRM Implementation and management – If you company already uses CRM we will work alongside your teams to ensure data quality and engagement and inclusion with new prospects and profiles.
  • Lead Generation
  • Relationship-building activities and introductions
  • Membership profile and representation – Just Williams has an extensive network and have been members of a number of organisations for many years. We can support your membership and attendance with the focus on the ‘right place at the right time’ for your ambitions; removing the need to be everywhere all at once!
  • Events Calendars and Engagement Opportunities  – we will create bespoke calendars for your company, identifying key marketplace opportunities and recommendations of where to be most visible and impactful.
  • Regular meetings and reporting – Every business is different, but what is true of every single one is the need for regular, clear communications and reporting. This is part of our core beliefs and agree a meeting and reporting schedule with each new client from the outset so you can be confident you are having full visibility of activities as well as recording successes.
Contact us today for an informal chat. Going for Growth is offered at £2,450 + VAT per month.

Do you need additional  support or services? We work with a team of Associates; companies who we trust to deliver the very best for our clients when their need is beyond our inhouse team’s core skill. Talk to us today for a referral.

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