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Posted October 18th, 2022   By JWAdmin

Sales and Marketing firm, Just Williams, have signed a partnership with exceptional learning solutions provider sub-10 in a bid to strengthen both organisations in different ways.


A relationship formed in 2019 when founders of both businesses met having undertaken the NatWest Accelerator/Entrepreneurial Spark programmes with the aim of establishing and growing their respective firms. Jessica Williams (of Just Williams) and Angela Ross and Peter Stephenson (sub-10) have been focussing their energies evolving their respective organisations into the powerhouses they are today – and now they are partnering to help develop the understanding of workplace learning and the impact of ‘mixing things up’.


Angela said: “We recognised the need for a fast-evolving digital learning solution to align with a fast-evolving world with content that’s current, dynamic and regularly updated. We are proud of our world-class learning platform as it intelligently selects a continuous pathway of content suited to the needs of each learner. It’s progressive and personalised which is how people learn best.”


Jessica Williams said, “I’ve known Angela and Peter for a number of years and what they have built from a conversation around learning and development in the workplace is exceptional. The sub-10 philosophy of completely embedding compliance training into each team member through modules that are less than 10 minutes each really will change the culture of workplace learning.”

“This partnership is a strong stance for us not only as we continue our internal staff development with all team members utilising the sub-10 learning system, but also reinforces Just Williams’ philosophy on supporting a local supply chain and wider awareness of the sub-10 culture to the business community as a whole”.

Just Williams provides sales and marketing solutions to a varied client base across the North-East and are currently awaiting the assessment to become a B-Corp, with a firm philosophy of businesses being used as a force for good. A large part of the B-Corp culture is supporting and developing the people within your business to do better and be better. The cultural fit of the sub-1o learning style is helping support the ongoing application and training in house for the Just Williams team.

Emma McDonald, Head of Delivery for Just Williams said; “This partnership is superb. Where previously some workplace learning has been difficult to embed with staff, the learning style with sub-10 is so different that it’s easy to fit into team’s diaries, but also our employees are retaining far more of the content than ever before. If we can support other businesses seeing and getting on board with this platform, then it’s a win-win for everyone”.


Peter said, “We were tired of the same old learning solutions being rolled out to businesses and organisations which don’t have any impact, and during the pandemic content was being dropped into online formats without any care. We need a learning revolt; we need an online learning solution that is truly intelligent, and our data driven AI product does just that.”


So, in a world where workplace training is often overlooked, or undervalued the sub-10 platform is set to make waves and begin the change in training culture that is readily needed. Just Williams is supporting the journey and are proud advocates of the enormous benefits they are reaping from their well-informed and supported team too.

For more information please visit sub-10  and www.justwilliamsltd.co.uk

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