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#JWBookClub, as told by Libby Hampson

Posted November 16th, 2020   By JWAdmin

Libby Hampson, Associate at Ripple Partners, has been a member of the #JWBookClub from its beginnings. This is what she had to say about it.

“Where do I start?  The books? The group? The enthusiasm and energy behind everything Jessica and Emma do? The discussions? The general support, fun or the feeling of just being part of something which our virtual get togethers engender?

I’ve been told not to make this into a sales pitch, but it’s difficult not to! 

I never, ever thought I’d enjoy talking with a group of people (many of whom I’ve still never met in ‘real-life’ but now feel I know really well) via Zoom on my laptop  about books and authors I’d never heard of and sharing how we could take some of the ideas off the page and put them into action in our own business networks. More than anything I owe you a huge thanks for helping me to start reading again – the looming of the next meeting keeps me on track and I’ve enjoyed and felt a great sense of achievement in reading several books now from cover to cover (something I haven’t done for a long, long time).  

It might sound as though I do lots of this sort of thing, but believe me I don’t. Joining in with virtual meetings is not my natural habitat and being brave enough to voice my own opinions is something I’ve tried to avoid for most of my career. But the welcome and camaraderie from everyone in the group is catching and been a great incentive to hook me in and keep me coming back for more. We’re all having to learn to be open to new ideas and to try doing things in new ways at the moment; for me the JW Book Club has been one of the really positive things to come out of 2020 – thanks Jessica and Emma for everything you’ve put into making it happen and for introducing me to so many wonderful people online – and thank you to everyone in the group for coming together and making it happen.”

Wow! Thank you so much for these kind words, Libby.

Do you want to join the #JWBookClub and have similar experiences? It’s free to join, no obligation and is full of great people! Simply email emma@justwilliams.ltd.co.uk or register via Eventbrite for each session.

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