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Posted August 10th, 2023   By JWAdmin

Sales and Marketing are two professions that until relatively recently have worked in silos almost harmoniously.

They are fundamental to any business.

So which one comes first?

‘Smarketing’ is a term I almost find as offensive as typing as you do reading but was a term doing the rounds in early 2019 as organisations in a bid to be more efficient combined roles. Sales and Marketing professionals were created with lofty titles and enormous expectations to deliver both remits. I would argue such roles are unmanageable and unachievable given how different these role profiles are. Of course there is crossover, although I would lean towards the term brand ambassador over any and covering both – for ultimately we are all responsible for being this in any organsiation regardless of our remit.

So as an organisation looking to grow and expand, who should you hire first? With the UK average Marketing Manager salary at c£45,000 and Sales Manager at c£48,000 (Reed, UK- 2022) either way it’s an expensive and risky choice. As a small business these salaries can represent a disproportionate level of investment to the time taken to achieve a return. And we too have faced similar challenges, often asked by our clients as to which one comes first and who to invest in.

Just Williams, established in 2015 began life as a sales only organisation working in partnership with many other marketing services and organisation, internal and outsourced. Through working with our customers, hosting a range of forums and engagement, it became clear the link between sales and marketing required a more combined approach and a more cost effective one for the business community.

As a result, our hybrid solutions were born in 2020 enabling businesses to embrace both sales and marketing solutions in a more cost effective and efficient manner. With expertise in both subject matters and taking a combined approach from the outset to increase brand visibility, create connections, increase sales pipelines, processes and in turn maximise results – we have seen our client base grow by 280% in this time.

Struggling to hire sales and marketing professionals?

You no longer have to choose between who to hire or combine roles in an unachievable manner for all involved. Outsourcing in the current climate is not only a cost effective solution, it is a sustainable one.

We are now able to work harmoniously together for our businesses using both sales and marketing to help them grow in a sustainable way. If you too are looking to grow, expand and diversify – we would love to chat to you. Contact us today.

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