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Be Honest With Yourself

It’s so easy isn’t it, to look at your ‘To Do’ list and completely underestimate how long certain tasks are going to take. And every single time you do that, it knocks you back in time, confidence and productivity. When this happens – how do you react? Are you a proactive sort who goes straight…

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Feelgood Friday – December 2020

It seems a strange thing to be talking about after such a challenging year… But today we want to talk about the feelgood factor! Being able to celebrate the good things should be easy – right? But after everything that we have all experienced this year we think we should spend some time today talking…

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The Just Williams Sales Academy is ONE!

Sales Academy Turns One After Super Success of First Year During these times we are all looking for something to celebrate – but when a fledging enterprise reaches its first significant milestone; it should be shouted from every rooftop! The Just Williams Sales Academy, based in Stockton on Tees, celebrated its first birthday at the…

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#JWBookClub, as told by Libby Hampson

Libby Hampson, Associate at Ripple Partners, has been a member of the #JWBookClub from its beginnings. This is what she had to say about it. “Where do I start?  The books? The group? The enthusiasm and energy behind everything Jessica and Emma do? The discussions? The general support, fun or the feeling of just being…

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Kindness in our Communities

2020 has been a simultaneously tragic and exciting year. It’s difficult to know how to feel about it. Amidst the chaos of businesses crumbling and evolving or being born; in between the personal lives torn apart by loss and relationships stretched to the max – this year has taught us one very obvious thing –…

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