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Hybrid Solution

Over the past 5 years, the service that Just Williams offers its clients has evolved. But one universal truth has carried through every client we have worked with, there has always been a need for additional services to support Sales.

Hybrid has been borne out of a need to support the Sales function of our clients’ businesses with effective and unified marketing strategies. Sometimes our clients have had an inhouse team that can support these, others have not. The beauty of Hybrid is that it works flexibly with a clients’ staff and ambitions to create a genuine success of Sales and Marketing.

Each Hybrid solution is tailored to the needs of each client. Below is an indication of the range of options available from both Sales and Marketing support.

You can see more in our new Hybrid video on our YouTube channel here.


Competitor Analysis – Want to know who are your biggest competitors? We can profile up to 10 businesses to assess USP, SWOT analysis, identify emerging trends and review existing online and offline presence.

CRM and Existing Data Audit – Establishing or revitalising an existing CRM is a crucial part of sales success. Hybrid can offer a review, and ‘best practice’ procedures of existing storage of data for sales and marketing purposes.

Existing Client Review and Retention Report – Hybrid is key to take an impartial view of your existing customer data to identify key trends and opportunities to maximise existing client opportunities and spend. Retention strategies are reviewed to consider ways to create further engagement and longevity of client.

Client Profile Development – Knowing your Client seems obvious but drilling down to identify 5 Clint Profiles is the basis of sustainable sales. Hybrid identifies your ‘non negotiables’ when looking for prospective clients and puts them into a working strategy document that Just Williams staff will work for the length of the contract.

Prospect Development – Following on from our Client Profiles, Prospect Development gives us the map to work from to get you in front of the right people, at the right time. This map is then integrated into the Marketing strategy to assess contact and touch point strategy for each.

Membership Organisations, Events, Networking and Exhibitions – Being seen and interacting with your prospects and clients is an effective way to build, strengthen or refocus your brand. Hybrid will produce a review of existing membership organisations and bodies to ensure all in line with client profiles.


Full Materials Audit – Hybrid will take an impartial assessment of all images, graphics, printed literature, event equipment, web content (excluding SEO), case studies etc to be compiled and assessed for suitability for future effective use.

Brand Visibility and Market Review – It’s so easy to think you’re visible and effective online and in your sector – but are you? We can facilitate a historical search (max 6 months) and assessment of marketplace visibility and report generated on it impact, creating the plan for future work on visibility in the desired markets.

Assessment of Existing Brand Guidelines/Development of Brand Guidelines –
Branding is key! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – and depending on the client there are different options. Hybrid can:
a. Update/amend/include new elements of business into an existing brand guideline document, or
b. Begin design and development of new Brand Guidelines, dependent on company size/requirements.

Content Development – Audit and Review – Ineffective or incorrect content is a VERY quick way to lose a potential customer. Hybrid identifies the need for content development or review eg. creation one case study/testimonial/blog/article per month.

E-Newsletter – Stay. In. Touch!! If required, we can produce one e-newsletter per quarter to contacts collated by Client.

Social Media Planning – Social media can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. Let Hybrid do it for you! Content is led by you so you’re always in control, but without the extra workload!

Events, Networking and Exhibitions – Hand in hand with the Sales element of Events and Networking, the marketing stream of Hybrid can support your visibility at events and exhibitions to really enhance any time spent away from the office!

Whatever your needs, Hybrid has the flexibility to work to your goals – without having to compromise on either sales or marketing strategies. Whether you have inhouse teams, or are multitasking – Hybrid works seamlessly with the end goal of securing you sustainable business success.

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