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Thursday 25th June




In a digital world of online shopping, search engines and video calling – how do we adapt to selling in the ‘new normal’?

In a pre-covid world, we all had our favoured way to sell to a prospect. Over the phone, in person… whatever way you did it, you were probably fairly comfortable with your technique. But, nobody expected the world to change so dramatically in such a short space of time. So in our ‘new normal’, how are you selling? And importantly, is it working?

Nobody can deny that trying to convert prospects into clients in recent months has NOT been easy (unless you’re in the hand sanitiser or toilet roll industries!). But, as time moves on business practices are changing – so in line with that, so should your sales strategies.

This one hour webinar will bring to life the tips and tactics of selling virtually. How to convert prospects from a foggy “maybe in a few months, once this has all settled” to “let’s get that contract signed”, as well as discussing the limitations of selling in a virtual world.

With a high demand on this topic, we recommend booking early to secure a place. Book below for £25 per registraion and 15% of each fee will be donated to The Trussell Trust, the UK’s largest networking of food banks.

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