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Thursday 18th June




The age-old debate!

What comes first in business? What is “more” important? Can either one work without the other?

If your business only has capacity for EITHER a sales or marketing resource, its difficult to know where best to put the focus. But, do they have to be exclusive? Perhaps you are a marketeer that is diversifying into sales, or vice versa?

In a post-covid world we are all having to change the way we think and the way that we work in order to recover or stabilise as best we can. So, when the conversation turns to sales or marketing as a focus – how do you know what to do for the best?

Join us for this one hour webinar session as we discuss the benefits and potential pitfalls of both. We will be discussing how to successfully blend both disciplines to help your business go further – without setting teams against each other in the process!

£25 per attendee, with a 15% donation from each registration fee being donated to The Trussell Trust, the UK’s largest network of food banks.

Book now as spaces are limited. For more information please contact us on 01642 917425.

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